Chapter 4

Greetings to all!

I hope winter is settling slowly for you, so that you have a chance to acclimatize better! In countries such as this one in which the seasons hardly change the climate or the landscape, the passing of time is signaled by the arrival of the festivities. Proper and strange festivities that paradoxically make people sing carols about snow and Santa Claus, in a temperature and environment that foreign eyes would think are the most appropriate to celebrate for example the Night of San Juan at the beach. I don't want to provoke envy but in this period during which not many Puerto Ricans go to the beach, today without being a very hot day we've had almost 30º. 


Therefore time goes by, the seasons go by, and with more or less incidence, the days go by... and above all people go by too. Puerto Ricans go by, the ones who are known and the ones to be known, and above all I go by too. I go by around here, through their lives, through their land, in front of their eyes, even through their memory, though their conversations... but I go by. The day I made the calculations and realized that more than half of my scheduled stay in Puerto Rico had gone by already, it was not a very happy day. Those of you who know me will know that far from the thoughts of enjoying what time I have left here or what I have lived beyond possible limits, I prefer to internalize some what. About meetings and interactions that have been more prolonged with some, and other details that randomly or not have been put in front of me in this beautiful island. 

Therefore everything could continue to appear in the same tone that I have expressed myself in the previous chapters. Yes and no.


Our brain, sometimes voluntarily and other time involuntarily leads us to take our thoughts far from where we are at... also invites me to think about the return, the work to resume, due dates for projects. I am waiting for the bus in a stop at the University of Puerto Rico and without wanting it I discover myself enjoying imaginary days in Mexico on my way back, a hypothetical Final Project that is being bound and delivered; embraces that are given in Spain when part of your mind and heart are still in the same place in which I am still waiting for the bus... And the buses here are slow, they go by at the same tempo that this Island advises you to enjoy it. The buses delay in coming and your mind continues on a trip around the world, while the sun is setting and shedding the last rays on a beautiful image of backlights and clouds with golden blazes that bring me back to Puerto Rico and invite me to take out my camera and try to capture it. 

The bus arrives and I continue my path, still in Puerto Rico. I pay and ask the driver about the bus stop I am looking for and... again in the Island of Enchantment transformed now in the smile he lets out while telling me he will let me know when we are near it, surprises me yet again. Meanwhile I sit, my thoughts return to a trip that pause in the immense spectacle of vital experiences that I am observing. 


I continue to love this country and above everything else I continue to love its people. I still have so much to live here, many people to meet and continue meeting. If the second half of my stay here contributes barely half of the first part, I would be more than satisfied.  

A big hug for all! And many thanks for cheering for me.