Seba's diary: Chapter 5

You are, have been, and will continue to be the soul of this diary. I wish in one of the last chapters of this series to talk about the Puerto Ricans. 

The people of this Island, are as local as the endemic frog, the coquí. The "Boricuas" (the inhabitants of Borinquen or Puerto Rico) carry with them in their identity and their flag the word 'mix'. The "Taínos", Spaniards, Africans, North Americans, Corsicans, Cubans, English... The "Boricuas" are at the same time all races. All skin colors, all hair tones and all heights fit into a "boricua". Everything fits, with nothing to spare. 

NOTE: The chapters from this blog are a translation from an original blog written since 2009 by Sebastián Galafate. Translation by Mariana Ortiz-Reyes