Seba's diary: Chapter 4

"Our brain, sometimes voluntarily and other time involuntarily leads us to take our thoughts far from where we are at... also invites me to think about the return, the work to resume, due dates for projects. I am waiting for the bus in a stop at the University of Puerto Rico and without wanting it I discover myself enjoying imaginary days in Mexico on my way back, a hypothetical Final Project that is being bound and delivered; embraces that are given in Spain when part of your mind and heart are still in the same place in which I am still waiting for the bus...

And the buses here are slow, they go by at the same tempo that this Island advises you to enjoy it. The buses delay in coming and your mind continues on a trip around the world, while the sun is setting and shedding the last rays on a beautiful image of backlights and clouds with golden blazes that bring me back to Puerto Rico and invite me to take out my camera and try to capture it."

NOTE: The chapters from this blog are a translation from an original blog written since 2009 by Sebastián Galafate. Translation by Mariana Ortiz-Reyes